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Installing underfloor heating in your home can be life-changing. It effectively turns your floor into a giant radiator that provides beautifully even heat throughout your home. Feel the warmth beneath your feet throughout the winter months and feel cosy in your own home.

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Underfloor heating, due to its larger surface area, can be around 15%-40% more efficient than traditional radiators, often resulting in savings on your energy bills. It doesn’t matter what type of house you have as we can install this in both older and newer style homes. It also operates silently meaning you won’t even notice it’s there.

There are 2 different forms of underfloor heating, water and electrical, often referred to as ‘wet’ and ‘dry’. Water systems use a continuous stretch of pipe to run heated water from your central heating system whilst electrical systems use electric wires to generate heat. Both of these will be installed on top of insulation so that the heat may rise up.

A traditional radiator’s water can reach very high temperatures, making it extremely hot to the touch while also posing a risk of increased energy waste. Due to the even distribution of the heat and the fact that underfloor heating operates at lower temperatures, less energy is wasted and heat is gradually distributed throughout your room(s).

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Underfloor heating is a method of heating a space by installing heating elements, usually electric cables or water pipes, beneath the floor surface. It provides comfortable and consistent warmth across the entire room.
Underfloor heating offers even heat distribution, eliminates the need for visible radiators, provides better energy efficiency, and adds a touch of luxury to your home.
Underfloor heating operates by radiating heat from the floor upward, warming objects and people in the room. It creates a more comfortable environment with reduced heat loss compared to traditional radiators.
Yes, underfloor heating is generally energy-efficient. It heats the room more evenly and at lower temperatures compared to traditional radiators, which can result in energy savings.
In many cases, underfloor heating can serve as the primary heat source, eliminating the need for traditional radiators. However, it’s essential to consult with experts to determine the best configuration for your space.

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