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Power Flushing

A radiator should distribute the heat evenly across it. You may notice that sometimes this isn’t the case, and it might be hotter in certain areas than others. This can be caused by a dirty or a sludged system which will affect its performance and your value for money.

The solution is to give your system a thorough cleansing with a power flush – a dedicated cleaning method that helps to keep your home’s central water system functioning as intended, whilst also preventing potential problems from occurring in future. Learn more about our plumbing and heating services.

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A power flush is a powerful cleanse that is used on your home’s central water system to flush out any byproducts such as rust from pipework and radiators and other general debris that has naturally built up within your system over time.

If not removed, sludge and the other listed byproducts can cause blockages, corrosion and general wear and tear on your central heating system, ultimately reducing its efficiency, lowering its lifespan and potentially leaving you with big bills to pay out of pocket for.

A power flush is conducted by an engineer that connects a specialised pumping machine directly to your heating system that circulates water with chemicals throughout your heating system at high pressure. The chemicals that are pumped through your heating system are specially designed to remove the sludge and debris to help clear the system. Once the flush is complete a suitable corrosion inhibitor is added to the system followed by a system water quality test to ensure the water within your heating system is where it needs to be.

Despite it being a potentially messy job, we’ll ensure that we leave you home looking just as nice as it did before we arrived. You won’t even notice we’ve been, you’ll just feel the difference.

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Arguably, a power flush is the most effective way to cleanse a heating system. A large pump is used to circulate water at a high velocity around the heating system as well as the use of cleaning chemicals. A power flush is an ideal solution to clean and maintain your central heating system to improve the amount of heat emitted from your radiators.
Normally a power flush will take no longer than a day. It will take a little longer if the heating system is slightly larger.
Every time the boiler is changed unless your system has been neglected, then it might require a power flush sooner. The Part L changes to the Building Regulations document states that it’s now recommended that heating systems are drained and refilled every 5 years with a new inhibitor in order to keep the heating system water quality at optimum.

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